Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goodnight and Goodbye

Hello friends!

I'm retiring the RobbyBlog. It was a great three years or so of writing, and I've gotten a lot out of putting my words and my life out "there" for all to see. Everyone here at the Clutterhut is happy, healthy and hale, not to worry, but all good things must end, and so must the R'Blog.

I'll be continuing to write, more professionally, I hope at:


and if you wish to join my Facebook or Twitter feeds, send me an email to architect10410@aol.com explaining who you are, and I'll give you the relevant information.

Take care!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Its been awhile.

photo copyright 2008 kristina sherk

Hello there!

Just wanted to touch base. I have had a lot going on in the last few months, some of it wonderful, some of it not so much great, and some of it kind of tepid and strong, like a cuppa that's been set out too long.

The biggest news for my faithful readers is that I have joined the Facebook, and do most of my updating and picture posting there. I hope to return to the Robbyblog, as I treasure this three year writing "experiment" that has connected me with so many fabulous people.

So please, save the RSS feed or keep checking back, as we hope for some updates as life rearranges itself again, as it frequently does, and I need to describe it all in great detail to the world.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Like too little butter spread over too much bread.." B.B.

"Stand up for Cancer"

That is the new slogan that I hear all the time now. I see wonderful celebrities, sports stars and musical talents on the big screen, hear them on my XM Radio and they pop up on my Interwebs, all touting the benefits of an as-of-yet undisclosed movement, telethon, mass publick protest, I don't know...all for the benefits of, awareness of, and hopeful eradication of cancer...a terrible disease affecting, well, pretty much everyone.

My mom has a form of cancer, my cousin had a scare with the big casino, and my girlfriend recently lost her cousin to a lifelong battle with cancer. He went very, very bravely into that good night, and leaves a heroic legacy. I have to assume that standing up for cancer is a good cause.

But so is Greenpeace, who we give money to every month, so is Amnesty International, "We", "One", Smile Train, Habitat for Humantity, Sierra Club, WWF, AIDS quilt, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention Spina Bifida research! How many charities are there? 1,000? 1,000,000?

I was watching a rerun of Angel (genius, and Boreanz (sp?) goodness!) where Cordelia suffers the knowledge of ALL the souls in trouble all at once, instead of just the one immediate vision she normally gets in that show. The resulting vision headache was paralysizing, and she nearly died as a result.

Now, I am not the conduit for The Powers That Be, but I am a well to do middle class fella that wants to do some good in the world, as I feel a certain amount of responsibility for the planet and those what are in it. What is the best course of action for outreach and charitable giving? Is a small contribution to a lot of charities the right thing to do? Maybe make one of them my "cause", and put all my charity eggs in one basket? Give money to one, and time to another? its all a little overwhelming. Five dollars to a hundred charities? Five hundred dollars to one charity?

I need some time to churn this around in my mind, and then i'll get back to you. I think you can all expect some charitable donations for holiday gifts and birthday presents from now on...I hope you don't mind, but we all kind of have enough "stuff" at this point anyway, don't we? At least until I start making stuff. Homemade gifts are SO wonderful, but then again, so is that feeling of smug self satisfaction that can come with charity.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Whoo hoo!

Well, I am in fine fettle this morning, as opposed to yesterday, where a combo platter of dental work and head shrinking therapy left me with a continental rift sized headache.

I struggled through yesterday, and called it quitsies at 8pm, right after Herself went down for nighty nights. It was still light out, which I found peaceful, and incredibly decadent. Well, I WOULD have found it thus, but Morpheus' shroud descended on me quickly, and I was out before the sun fully set.

I awoke early, did the toilette, then headed off to work....on my bicycle! I do not know why I put it off for so long, put the ride in was wonderful, easy and a full six miles. Suck on THAT, exercise plan! I decided not to check any clocks or anything, and just take my time, ease into the office, and start my day.

Well, after a stop off at the diner, of course! The Tastee Diner in Bethesda, to be specifical. My "usual" breakfast comes to me without more than my cheery greeting of "Hello", and knowing glances from the delightful waitperson Beth to the incredible culinary maestro that is Mario. Almost before I get settled in, my "two eggs over easy, home fries well done, side of bacon and rye toast with butter" is winging its delicious way to my palette. Take THAT, diet plan!

So all of this wonderful morning ritual, easy going and sublime, results in my being well rested, exercised, highly caffeineited and yes....in the office at my desk by 8 a.m.! Wow! Im amazed at myself, and even moreso at how pleasantly the universe works out if you just take it easy and let it. No getting in the way, no rushing around, no stressing over time and voila, time just worked itself out.

Of course, Im blogging instead of working, so I best get back to it!


Friday, May 09, 2008

Chow Maine Lach 1994 ~ 2008

Fourteen years ago I was working for a small architecture firm in Forked River, New Jersey. Our boss at the time wanted to get a new cat, and we thought it would be a good idea to get an office cat as well. Although my boss was allergic to cats, he loved them dearly, and knew that the Maine Coon cat is reportedly hypo-allergenic, and thus safe for him to handle and love. Off to the crazy cat lady to select our destiny.

She brought out a box of lily white precious kittens, about ten of them, each one cuter than the next...all preening, mewling, and looking all wide eyed with wonder at the world they were in. Perfect little kitties, everyone.

Except this runt of the litter, a ridiculous cross of Maine Coon cat and Wild Asian Leopard cat, rolling over on his back, swiping his claws at anything within his reach, and licking his own massive privates.

"This is MY cat", I exclaimed, pointing my finger at this half-blind tufted feline mess, who promptly bit me, drawing first blood. Thus was our relationship formed.

Small enough to fit in my Wyfe's outstretched hand while we made love to keep him from clawing up my backside, he would sit atop my draughting table, swatting at my pencil as I drew the homes that made up my livelihood. Eventually he came home with us, graduating from the office and the "all the donuts he could eat" policy that led him to swell up like the time lapse photo montage of Orson Welles. I will always love him as the aloof, surly and grumpy old man presence he was in our lives.

I am confident that he, in his own way he loved us as well...you could tell by the way he would stare at the wall opposite you and scream. Good bye, Chow Maine. You will be missed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

525,600 Minutes?

"How do we measure, a year in a life?"

Millie is one year old today. The Goodely and I lay in bed last night, canoodling and reminiscing about where we were this time last year. Big Fat Pregnant Goodely and I anxiously awaiting the rise of the sun, heading down to the hospital with friends and family, going to get our little bundle of joy.

Hopes for the future rose above fears for all the necessary medical procedures as we welcomed Millie Isabella into the world.

This first birthday in a way marks the end of many "firsts" that Millie will have...first Christmas, first Summer, first New Year's, etc. With that in mind, there are SO many milestones to reach, so many firsts, that we are looking forward to each new day and the wonders that are brought on the braced heels of this little joy harbinger.

First time in the back pack, walking down the path by our house. I half expected Millie to begin instructing me on the ways of the Force, warning me about the dangers of the Dark Side whilst we strolled and levitated rocks. I would like to think that had Luke had Millie to pat his neck and coo and burble behind him in lieu of a short green 900 year old jedi master, he might not have entered the cave of the Dark Side and had his little mental breakdown, finishing his training and not screwing everything up for everyone.

But I digress...

Happy Birthday, Millie!!