Friday, August 26, 2005

G'awh!! Idiot!!

How could I be so daft? Was I too close to the forest, that I couldn't see the bright and beautiful tree before me? How was it that my favourite cherub-like diminutive uber charismatic goth childe was the one to finally lead this sci fi horse to drink?

Firefly, baby! That's right....I am ready to have my Dork frequent purchaser card punched, as I have finally found the Joss Whedon joint that is Firefly.

I know dear reader...all the news that 2002 saw fit to print, but here I am, chasing that bandwagon, and hopping on board. I love this series! In the void left in my Djorksoul left by the end of the Star Wars septilogy, the notion that I currently live in a world WITHOUT new Star Trek, and the Lord of the Rings movies ending, I consoled myself with the warm fuzzy blanket of new Doctor Who bootlegs and many comic books.

But it wasn't enough, now was it? I hereby enlist in the Firefly army, ready with pitchfork and torch to storm whatever Frankenstonian edifice I have to to ensure this science fiction phenom goes from television to movies and then BACK to television. The Firefly movie, Serenity, comes out this Sept-am-bre, I believe, and I hope to be there with my eyes held open Clockwork Orange style while my Goodely Wyfe applys the necessary lubricating eyedrops at precise and timely increments.

Somebody please do not let me sleep on a series like this again! In the meantime, I am off to Netflix Red Dawn and Farscape.

That is all, true believers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How I am Spending my Summer Vacation

Alas to dream, perchance to feel
The summer heat doth make heads reel
I choose to write in silly rhyme
To describe my funny summertime

Broke we are, and broke we'll be,
Thus pleasures taken have been pleasures free.
Domesticity hath been my focus bent
Paying our mortgage, and done with rent.

A camping trip we did partake,
On open fire, our bacon baked.
We hiked a trail up to the sky
And nakey self portraits did I espy.

Smokey Bear and I did meet,
And myself he promised not to eat.
This preventive ursine stood proud and tall,
And Goodely Wyfe took pictures all.

To Baltimore a day did pass,
Our focus the city, not field or grass.
Fair Kathleen did spin us 'round,
To museum and bar, the toast of town.

I game with friends e'vry chance I get,
These games for fun, we place no bet.
Faerie, Vampire, Munchkin too,
You'd be surprised what lies in you!

My most recent trip was without Wyfe,
To GenCon sped my friends for life.
Conquering all, proud victors we,
What inspiration started, we have yet to see.

For now we look to futures bold,
And not back at what summer did hold.
To Rennaissance Faires and cooler nights,
Parties grand, by Fairie light.

Watch this space, is my heartfelt plea,
And please to take your journey with me.
Less doggerel I promise will I do,
For we have so much future work to do!

Monday, August 08, 2005

"I'm Thirty-Seven, I'm not old!"

"Well, I just can't call you "man"."

Heh. Any post that starts with a Monty Python quotation cannot be all bad, and thus, any birthday year that starts with a Monty Python quotation cannot be all bad either. Yes, Virginia, today is the anniversary of my birth. I feel great, and have celebrated, not all that extravagantly, but in keeping with my philosophy of "an ordinary life well lived." I gathered my friends about me, we sat on the relatively new front porch, drank pitcher after pitcher of gin and tonics, talked about matters of no import and significant import, and played ridiculous games for much longer than can be considered "fun", but the actual fact that we were playing past the point of fun became fun in and of itself, like some form of extremely length run on sentence that gives no pause nor succor to either the reader or the author, rambling on with no end in sight, yet delighting all with its steadfast refusal to terminate.

I have very little in terms of prophetic words or deep ruminations about this, my thrity seventh year upon the planet. Basically, and perhaps Douglas Adamsian, I would like to thank you all for a rollicking if bumpy good time, and I look forward to working with you all for years to come.

Does one's life need serious reflection and rumination? I wonder how much of my life I have altered for the good or bad simply by looking at it, like that poor bifurcated box cat in that physics chestnut. I think I will let this birthday go then, soaring on the wings of love, only the two of us, forever flying high.....