Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Technological lifespans...

I am outliving technology at a rapidly and increasingly disturbing rate. Many years ago, when we were first trying to get pregnant, my parents gave us a video casette recorder. It was an amazingly compact piece of equipment that we used once or twice, then left in the closet. I know where it is, but I imagine it is as outdated as last months' newspaper.

Unlike last months' newspaper, however, I have no idea how to recycle these fringe items of technology. It seems an anathema to just chuck an old laptop, computer, video camera, cell phone and now digital camera out on the curb. Is it just me? I have thousands of doallars (at time of purchase) worth of computerized whoodigy woodigy laying about The Estate Home, all gathering dust and completely obsolete. I woud do the eBay, but frequently the cost of shipping the item is going to be more than the "worth" of these items.

Yes, I have owned my camera for four years before getting the dreaded Canon E18 error mesage. I hear it wil cost more time and money to fix it then get a new one. My television remote control doesn't work on the television anymore, and thus we cannot put it on channel 3 to play dvds or videos. It isnt a problem with the remote, its a problem with the television itself. Off the television goes! Bye Bye!

So perhaps you can all come over to my house, hold my hand, and together we can load the station wagon up with all this "junk" and take it to the dump. I will be hard pressed, however to part with my top of the line laptop and desktop though.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ah, the give and take.

I would like to think that the Goodely Wyfe and I have a successful marriage. July 4th we will celebrate, what, 8 years of this, and the future looks pretty bright. We have had our laughs, and also weathered our storms.

Eight may not sound like a long time, but it isn't like we have settled into a routine of mutual co-dependency or a comfortable rut that we can while away the years within. These first 8 years have been years of constant growth, constant change and constant adaptation to each other's changing personalities and interests.

The secret to our success, you ask? Well, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we don't really have all that much in common when it comes to our interests. On a fundamental level, we are very much the same, and see the world through similar lenses. What we choose to look at, howe'er, is a as different as midget vampires and the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

That's right, dear reader, prepare to eat your hat with green eyed jealousy once you take fully into your cerebellum how I plan to spend my weekend. I am off to the land of wooly sheep, and sheepy wool. Ah, there may e'en be the rare llama, or perhaps a brace of alpaqua. Yes, dearest, dearest reader, this video game playing science fiction enthused djork loving cyber vampiric architect is off to the farm to take in the sights, sounds and dare I say smells of all that is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

"But Robert, for the love of the jumpin' Jeebus, why?!?", I can hear you ask, incredulous that this fantastical farm foray forms frivolity for folk. Why aren't you just whisking her off with some of her like minded friends to trip the yarn's fandango?

Well, the easy answer is that I love this woman with all my heart, and will do pretty much whatever she asks me to (boom chikka wa waa nonwithstanding), but more significantly, because this is something that she is interested in, and wants to include me in her joy. I am not going to look at yarn and sheep, no, I am going to look at yarn and sheep through her dazzling eyes, share in her wondrous smile, and feel her enthusiasm.

Hell, it beats mowing the lawn.

No, really. This is the give and take that may seem like a chore to some, but is an opportunity for growth and change in our relationship. All kidding aside, I am going with an open heart, a quizzitive mind, and hopefully the wonderment of a 7 year old. I intend to partake in free demos ('aven't gotten paid yet, don'cha' knew?), pet the sheep, llamas, etc., ask lots of questions, and will most likely end up with a t-shirt or mug or something, because to be honest, that logo is really cool.

Yes, I will be distracted, my mind will wander, and I will be grilling my share of fetching yarn spinning-maidens, but my main focus, my devotion, will be for the woman that was silly enough to decide that I was worth spending the entirety of her interesting and many faceted life with. Honestly, faced with the enormity of such a wonderful prospect, this really is the least I could do.