Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You have to keep them isolated....


Some amazin' things are going on recently in our urban social development. I am sure this is not an original thought, but take a look at this. The proliferation of MySpace and blogging across the interents has grown like a wild west gold panning town, with folks scrambling all over each other to share their innermost secrets, thoughts dreams, etc., all anonymous givers of information across the technoverse.

Meanwhile, in the real 'verse, folks are withdrawing more and more into themsleves, and cutting ties with real human beings all over. I see it everyday. The iPod re-revolution of the Walkman has brought back the microcosm of armoured personal space, surrounding us with a very visible white cord and headphones license to ignore everyone around us.

I see it in the housing designs and model homes, how we provide in our "dream" houses all the things we used to leave the house to do. Home theatres, bars, basketball and sport courts, pools. These were once social events that we would go out into the world to perform, and now, we can do it all from the comfort of our wombs. I mean homes.

I am one of the biggest culprits in the withdrawl from the real world. My favorite videogame is called World of Warcraft, and entire interactive alternate reality where I have friends, relationships, chores, parties and other vents without ever actually interacting in Face Time with another human being. Its positively amazing.

Please...suprise someone on the streets today. Make that eye contact, say "hello" with your best jaunty smile, and see if you can, for just a moment, make a wee connection with the physical and social world. I really feel that like the Butterfly Effect, just this one little gesture can have major rippling effects, socially, physically and financially. Friendlier neighborhoods attract folk, and the property values will go up just from smiling at your neighbors. Good thing too, as those home theatre wombs don't come cheap.

See you in a week!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Well, I am feeling much better, thanks...BUT..

It's been a rough time for our little Robbyblogger. I feel like I am becoming a Grump, in that all of the things that give me joy are also tempered with frump, fef, and hurrumph noises coming from yours truly. I get mad at little babies being born, I have problems with the silliness of Spamalot, I get prickly in my social interactions on my World of Warcraft video game..and well...heck. It seems like everything bothers me.

I am off to a gaming convention in a few days, and I have to say that I am not all that enthused. Maybe this lowered expectation thing will allow me to relax and enjoy it more. I hope so. I would hate to think that I was on the slippery slope to "Grumpy Old Man" hood. I am far too young and handsome to be a grumpy old man.

What to do? I would love to get into a detox program for life right about now. Maybe being out and about with friends this upcoming weekend will afford me the psychiatric feeding that I need to reset the spiritual tripometer. I wil interact with hundreds of people this weekend what have no idea that I am appraoching 40, with no kids, faulty credit and weak resolve to improve. This weekend I will be a vampire lord, a magician, a card game player and most importantly, a good friend and companion to some of the finest folk imaginable.

It all starts with a trip to see the SuperDuperPuperman movie. I saw a special about Supes recently, and why he has always been such an icon for America. One reporter put it such that we can all identify with Clark Kent, and wish we could see more Superman time. This weekend will be my Superman time. When is yours?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

An Open Letter of Apology to my Nephew, Jackson.

Hello Nephew.

This is your Uncle Robby here. I am truly sorry and not a little bit ashamed of my feelings today when I heard that you were born, healthy and hale, and smooth as silk. I had been thinking about you for a very long time (to be honest, I thought you would be a girl) and was anticipating your arrival with bated breath, happiness an joyful expectation.

Imagine my surprise when the news of your arrival brought not the above said mentioned happiness, but almost unendurable pain. I cried, I raged with silent screams and felt not a small amount of outright animosity towards you, your mom and your dad. I will say now that you are very lucky to have them as your parents, as two more loving and faithful people i have yet to meet, but even with that, I raged against them, and against you.

I am so sorry, little Jackson, that I could not open my heart to you immediately on your arrival. Please know that this is just a temporary thing, and I just need some time to get used to the idea of you, and re-used to the idea that I still do not have a child of my own. It hurts, little babe, more than I can put into form here.

The guilt that I feel creates a spiral of sourness that I cannot escape from right now, because what right do I have to deny you and your new family every erg of positive energy that I can muster, especially after what your mom went through with her last son. There is no one on this planet more deserving of a beautiful baby boy like yourself than she is. Not even me. Not even her sister.

So, although my heart is not joyous, still please know, dear nephew, that it is 100% yours, from this, the first day of your life, to the very last day of mine. I pledge my loyalty, my strength and my love to you always. Even if my angst is in the way I am still very pleased, very honoured, and very proud to be your Uncle Robby.

Forgive me.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary!


It was a year ago today that I started the Robbyblog. I am averaging a post a week, which really isn't all that bad, especially when you compare the frequency to things like, er....flossing.

Looking back at the blog, we have had some really good times, and some really sad ones. I thank you all for reading and keeping up, and taking this little journey with me. I am not sure if we learned anything or grew even a little, or if we were just killing time together. Sometimes though, time needs a killin', so I consider it all an accomplishment.

I am surprised to come to this anniversary without the usual pledges to post more, be better, faster & more as time goes on. This bloggy is working really well, gives me an outlet, and a chance to flex my literary muscles. I think those muscles are called the flactoids, but I am no doctor. Hitting a milestone without "rededicating" myself to change it "for the better" by redoubling my efforts is a pretty significant thing for me, and I am quite proud. Maybe other things in my life are just fine as well the way they are, without my mucking about in them like a hippo with an overactive pituitary gland in the marshes of Louisiana. Muck muck muck.

Again, thanks for hanging out, checking in and leaving a comment or two. Let's see what the next year brings!


Monday, June 19, 2006

One of the Little Secrets

It isn't like the Goodely Wyfe and I are using Ricky Ricardo beds, but we have fallen into a habit this year of taking separate vacations. I know we didn't plan it this way, but here we are.

The GW is off to California to visit her sister, who is due to pop a baby any second now. In fact, was that the splash of the embyonic waterfall I hear? No, no, just the pipes again. Oh well, I shall have to wait a little longer for my niece or nephew to arrive. Not much longer, but still.

At the same time that the GW is warming up the birthing pool and limbering up her diaper changing form, I am off to the DjorkFest, or the GeekCon, or whatever the fine folks at the Origins Gaming Convention are calling it this year. Eight or so of my like minded friends, and a few thousand of my like minded peers will be convening in beautiful Columbus Ohio for a coupla-two-three-days of gaming, costuming and various discussions of everything sci-fi and fantasy. This will be a great time for me, and would have been a horrible time for the Goodely.

Would I have enjoyed a trip out to California to see the new (hawt) mommy and her offspring in beautiful panoramic "please come romp naked in me" fields of their homeland? Yes, most likely, but mere seconds after the baby comes? Hmmm....let me get back to you on that.

So there you go...we take separate vacations. Nothing wrong with that, but there seems to be a slight disconnect in my mind about it. It seems that the things that The GW and i have in common are becoming fewer and fewer, with maybe television, sex and eating being our common denominators. Our other interests are so divergent, but at the same time cross pollinating. Would the Goodely have been inclined to treat herself to a marathon of Firefly while I was away on business were it not for me? Would I ever had read any bok what didn't have vampire sex in it if it weren't for her?

Enjoy, my Goodely Wyfe, enjoy your sister time next week, as I will most certainly enjoy my Boticellian Klingon babes, dice rolling, and the geenral stank of the geeky unwashed. Ah, its better than new card smell, which, by the way, you wouldn't even had known about were it not for me.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

"The end of an error...."

That title line made me laugh, as typed by my cousin Michael over the IM. What he meant, of course, was "End of an Era", and by that, he was talking about Memorial Day Weekend.

We celebrated Memorial Day Weekend 2006 (MDWy2k6) recently as we have every summer for many, many years. The whole crazy family trots down to my parents house at Long Beach Island NJ and celebrates life, love, and most importantly, Gramma Torre's birthday. This year the little scamp turned 95, a date celebrated by her statement "I am so ready to go!".

I have heard her say this before of course, but this time, it was pretty final. No, dearest compassionate reader, she is still with us, hearty and hale, but what has fallen under the chopping block is the big Memorial Day Weekend celebration.

My parents are tired, my gramma is tired, and it is finally time to put this kid to bed. Its a crazy, crazy weekend, and we always have a blast, but enough is enough, and it is time to stop partying like a teenager, buckle down, and admit that we have beat this dead horse into the ground like an over zealous carny pounding the stakes for the big top.

Okay, who is writing this blog? Of course this isn't the end! Hang up my bang up? No way! Just like it is now up to my generation to shoulder mighty burdens and responsibilities, it is also
our responsibility to take the fun and exciting things that we like to do, and continue to do them, bigger, better and more good naturedly self destructively than ever before! How can I possibly get through a year without:

1. Being intergenerationally drunk at 9:30 a.m.
2. Actually talking to teenagers and finding out that I am still "Cool Cousin Robert"
3. All night all male cousins trip to Atlantic City
4. Sharing Hot bagels, hot coffee, and dvd cartoons with my cousins' children.
5. Buying gigantic sunglasses part in an effort to reinforce #2 and part to stare at bikini babelettes on the beach.
6. Needing a vacation from my vacation.

This tradition wil live on! Mothers, keep your sons and daughters locked up, for come MDWy2k7.....its all about the Cousins!