Thursday, October 26, 2006

The High Brrr Nation.

Hello folksies!

Here we are, in the final days before the big Halloween Party at the Clutterhut, and then we face the long dark of winter. I think my blog is getting fairly repetitive, as we revisit different themes at each of the seasons.

Each year, I picture myself hunkering down and hiding for the months of winter, doing some reading, and basically taking myself out of the game to relax and regroup. As my majestic "now how the hell did he get to be college aged" younger cousin is fond of saying, "Oh yeah? How's that working out for you?"

I am happy to report, that it never works out well. I have plans for every weekend well into January, and as that is where my calendar runs out, there is no reason to believe that this trend won't continue. I am running roleplaying games for my friends, going on a "formal dress" trip to see Casino Royale (hmm...maybe the Commish will let me borrow a tux?) and going to Las Vegas with the Cousins for yet another bachelor party for Cousin Jeff.

December and the related holidays have me booked for party after party (with subsequent after parties?) with friends and family. Hmm...maybe Febrary will be a good month to hunker way the heck down. Then again, I was hoping to have a formal masquerade that month.

I guess I will hunker down after Giggles is born (furious wood knocking noises follow) and in the meantime, keep making with the frenetic social circling. See you all soon!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Best. Pub Sing. Ever.

I have returned from the last night of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and let me tell you, it was a great one! I couldn't have asked for a better day, nor a more magical ending. Did I use "nor" correctly? I have been dying to for days. Well, that and other grammatical sticky wickets aside, let me see if i can sum up a very, very nice day.

For one, it was supposed to rain. Didn't! The sky was lovely, the temperature delightful and the breeze just enough to let you know the end of faire was nigh. Did I use "nigh" correctly?

I went on my own. From what I have told everyone, being alone makes me sad. I tend to hole up, and peek out at the world from deep in my trapdoorspideresque lair. I wandered a bit, stopped by to see my new friend, listened to her play the dulcimer, sing this incredibly lovely gaelic song, bothered her a bit at work, then went on my way to occupy my time. Well, apparently I am enough of a regular at this place where I don't really need to make formal arrangements with people to have a good time. From merchants to jousters, from friends and family, I wasn't alone for very much of the day at all!

In fact, I was so not alone that I found myself caught up in other peoples agendas, and saw the festival through their eyes. I shopped for clothes, did the archery (why have I never done the archery before? I love the archery!!) and bought a rose for someone, which I really never, ever do (see, "new friend" above).

I had a very good time learning and laughing with all of my new tour guides that day, but when it came time for Pub Sing, I stamped my little foot, and said "Thats it, this is where I will be!". Pub sing was wonderful. So many great performers, so much evocative music. It was so easy to get all hypnotized by everyone on stage, the are captivating and alluring. I got hit on by women on all sides, which was lovely and reaffirming, and was swept up in the whole emotion of the end of faire. They closed many times, a few times with different versions of the gaelic song that the above mentioned new friend hawtness sang at the start of faire. Very Alpha-Omega-ey.

I cried, but just enough. One of my most favourite quotations is from Gandalf, which I shall butcher for you now:

"I will not say 'Do not weep', for not all tears are a sorrow."

And though a lot of those Irish pubby songs are pretty sad and sentimental, I cried just for the beauty of them, and not because I myself was sad. I am sure I might have been sad had I not the big Halloween Party on the horizon, or my trip to Vegas with the cousins, or any of the thousand points of light that I have in my life right now to be happy about. yes, Faire is over for this season, but it will be back again before I know it. My life, however, is moving along at a wonderful pace, and I thank all of you for that.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Start Spreading the News...

I don't know how many of you we told, or who we haven't told yet, but Talley and I are now going public....we are pregnant again!

That's right, true believers! Not just that any old run of the mill "just got knocked up" pregnant either. This one is the full bore, IN THE SECOND TRIMESTER and looking good fetal cluster residing comfortably in my wife's snuggly womb.

We beta test named "her" Giggles, even though we don't know the sex yet. I fully intend to find out, and tell everyone, but the Goodely doesn't want to know yet. Of course, I don't intend to tell her, but discretion of any kind has ne'er been my long suit. After all, when we are out shopping, and I see one of those little crushed velvet dresses at Christmas time and start bawling, I might reveal my hand there. If it is a girl, that is, which would be loverly.

So, cross your fingers, friends and lovers, we have just six months to go until our due date of April 28th. If the Goodely can hang on to the baby for a few extra days, she can give birth on her birthday of May 1, and wouldn't that be something nice?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The most perfect day, ruined by drink.

You can look through my blog and find many happy references to my multitudinous experiences with alcohol. Yesterday, unfortunately, was not one of those occasions.

It all started out happily enough, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where many of my happy drinking stories tend to begin. I am not sure what happened this time, what cosmic cocktail concoction cleverly combined was the source of my curtailed festivities, but everything was going just fine, when "wham!", it did seem as if everything alcoholic I had ever imbibed surged up into my brain at once, and I was rendered compleatly unable to function at all.

Getting drunk is fun, getting this drunk ruined my day. I was out with my best friends, on a perfect day, in a land of merriment and festivities, and I had to be taken home early by one of the aforementioned friends before I embarrassed myself further. I had many plans for that day, many maidens to woo and court, one pyrate lady to moon over and many friends to connect and reconnect with. I was able to satisfy little of my agenda for the day.

Sure, I have been staggeringly drunk before, but not too too often at the expense of a continued good time. I usually have reserved the worst of it for "after" the fun and frivolity, not cutting it off right when it was getting good. It is times like this when a man such as myself takes stock in his actions and choices, holding up the mirror to himself, probably a bit too critically, and make some rash and overblown resolutions about moving forward.

Well, I am going to do my best NOT to judge myself based on this incident, but just be a bit more guarded as we move forward. I have learned many things in the last few months about myself, about having discipline, and about my own worth that will help me to move forward. I may not have a full blown "drinking problem", but yesterday I did indeed have a "problem with drinking", one that i do not wish to repeat in the future, but being the flawed man that I am, I most likely will. With any luck, it will not be for some time. Bitten yet again, mayhap I shall be a bit more shy.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Hey gang! Come and check us out for the Annual Halloween Party! Tell your friends and loved we love meeting new people, especially in costume!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Shadow of my Former Self

How are you, Blogosphere? Me? I am doing quite well, thank you very much.

I have reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers. You are reading the words of a 169.2 pound man, and opposed to the "tickling the beanbag of 200 pounds" man what started typing notes 15 weeks ago. It has been a wonderful journey, and I am very proud of myself for being on this end of my weight loss.

Let's face it, I have NO DISCIPLINE of any kind. This was an amazing journey of discovery for the RobbyBloggy, as I do not compleat projects and seldom do I attain goals. I wonder what else I can do?

Well, Small Press Expo is this weekend, the place where last year I vowed that THIS year I would have a table, and be selling my self-published comic book. That goal, well, it didn't turn out so great. What Weight Watchers has taught me about myself though, is that there is no need to give up those goals. Just because I never lost weight before didn't mean that I couldn't do it now, so just because I never published a comic book doesn't mean I can't now.


I'll post some nudes when I get some free time! ;)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lon Goverdue, Fishmonger Extraordinaire.

Whew! I am a little surprised that we have come through unscathed, happy and hale. Like Bilbo said, "I feel like too little butter, spread over too much bread."

Well, this buttery hobbit had all the butter needed to cover the gluten laden goodness that was this weekend. The extended dance remix started out poorly, resulting in both me and the Goodely having to take Friday off, but all that ended well as well (as well as well) and we spent the rest of Friday cuddled up on the sofa watching Deadwood. The series is amazing, the language foul, and the experience of the cuddle wonderful and warm.

Saturday dawned early, grey and rainy. It also dawned without my active spectating, as I slept in until 11am or so. Upon rousing my sleepy form, I went about chores and tasks around the Clutterhut in an attempt to get it ready not only for my parent's imminent arrival, but for the big Hallowizzle as well. The Goodely tells me that i accomplished quite a bit, but I am having a tough time seeing it, there is still SO much left to do!

With so many unfinished chores to attend, there is only one thing for us to do...throw a dinner party on Sunday for 6 or 7 of our closest friends! And therein finally lay the point of the blog entry. We were terribly unprepared for this party, but rallied, and made a good showing of it. We roasted a lovely chicken, folk brought desserts and wine, and we had a lovely, lovely time. If you wait until you are ready for any of the fun things in life (dinner parties, marriages, children) you will NEVER do them! Do you think I actually have a handle on this giant halloween party I try to throw every year? Heck no....but I do it anyway, because, well....why not?

Sure, we ended up dirtying every plate, serving dish, glass, silverware and bakeware that we have in the house, and my kitchen currently looks like Bag End "before" the dwarves actually washed anything, but that is a minor price to pay to be able to look out on a full table, and see all those smiling faces looking back at me and at each other. It was wonderful, I impress upon you to try it sometime. It need not be fancy, just gather some folk around you to huddle up against the shorter days that are a comin'! Even small magic like a casual dinner with friends is, well...magic to be treasured.

Here's to doing it all again next week!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Head is Filled with Flapping Crows....

How do you do it?

How do you keep all your relationships, bills, careers, emotions, thoughts and abilities straight in your head? I feel like mine is fit to bursting.

Some of it is media input. I have headphones on most of the day, am running a few IM chats, creating 3d models on the computer, and keeping (most of my) clients happy.

I have so many different personas....husband, boyfriend, architect, dwarven hunter, victorian aged game master, son, pirate, blogger, lover, friend, etc.

I live a full life, so full such that I am fit to burst. But, at the same time, I am loathe to cut anything out of my life. I want to be all of these things to myself, and I want more and more. I am in the midst of a growth spurt, where my current metaphysical meatsack cannot hold all the juicy liquid center of amazement that I have to offer to myself and the world.

So I need a way to add more, and keep it all straight (sorry, forward!) in my mind. I am going to look into the meditation clinic around the corner, as I find therapy to be no good for me, simply stirring things up and around for almost no reason whatsoever. I do not need to stir things up in my mind, I feel the desire to organize and store, such that I can easily access any of the different sides to my personality easily and sanely.

What do you do, people, to keep your head(s) on straight?