Friday, November 17, 2006

Leaving, on a Jet Plane

or "picking through the bones of your friends"

A dear friend of mine is moving this January. Not just "moving", but "selling all my stuff, packing up the wee bit that is left and going to LONDON ENGLAND for 6 years" moving. It is a very big deal, and has set me teensy brain train all uncoupled, with each car heading down different tracks. I am not sure if all the bridges are out or not, but seeing on how we are rapidly hurtling to the end of this metaphor, I will let it rest and get on to the post:

It has been an amazing process to participate in helping my dear friend move away from me. I know the world is small, and that he will be back, and I will go there, so it isn't a "loss" of friendship that has me shaken, and stirred. It is more the idea of the grand adventure that has me dreamy and a little sad. He is embarking on a voyage of discovery, or renewed possibilities, of vast untapped potential. It is very scary, but also very amazing.

As the Goodely and I talk about the future and the Giggles, I am getting closer and closer to the early arrival of my mid life crisis. The conversations that we have sound more similar to "This is the first day of the end of your life" than talk about new horizons and new frontiers. Maybe it is the Pinot VERY Noir talking, but I cannot help but look around me and feel that I didn't "make it" as successfully as I might have. Taking stock is ne'er a good thing for me to do, but watching a good friend, one of my closest, embark on this "restart" of his life has me doing more introspection than is comfortable.

Then again, when "I looka round the round world" (Elwood!) , I wonder if one of the main things my friend is off in search of isn't precisely the thing that I have. We talk of resonance, of belonging, of security and happiness. The Traveller has told me that he just doesn't resonate with Washington DC, he feels unsettled and square peggy here. I, on the otherhand, feel quite at home here, and VERY at home with my Goodely Wyfe, my friends and my job. I have been very successful in that regard. Sure, Robbyblog, you say that on the shining crisp and clear sunny day today...lets see what you post the next time it rains!

So many notions, the next of which is this: I went through the Traveller's belongings, and took the stuff that interested me the most. We stood in his house, drank his Scotch and all the while the Traveller was describing his belongings and how much he wanted me to have them. I knew then that I would not be in his house again, not sit by his fire, not live there for a fortnight during the Time of Darkness. He has some awesome stuff, rest assured, and I filled my car with his things, but it was a bittersweet pillaging. My hesitation was obvious at the fore, but the Traveller then told me, "Who better to have these things? Who else will appreciate and love them as I did (and may still do)?" In my mind's eye, I also thought of myself as Steward for the Traveller's things..that although he is leaving, some of his belongings, charged with his energies, will still remain here, grounded and useful.

After all, who else is going to appreciate all the rennfaire garb, swords, bows and a 200 volume Dungeons & Dragons collection more than me?

Hmm....more than me and all of my friends? Ha!

So, to The Traveller.....Goddess grant you speed, luck and may your road bring you all the health and happiness that you can stand. Take us with you, as we hold that part of you here in our hearts and souls. We love you, sir.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have reached the coveted Lifetime Membership in Weight Watchers, having lost some 30 pounds, and keeping it off for the maintenance period of six weeks. All told, it has been about 20 weeks of intent and determination, but then again also fun and hijinx along the way. A big "Thank You" goes out to all those folk what helped me on my journey to a fitter, happier, more vain Robbyblog....vain so much so that he posts nude photos of himself on his blog:

Not too shabby for a 38 year old married guy. If I keep this up, I think Santa will have the much sought after "visible abdominal muscles" for me at Yuletide.

Friday, November 03, 2006

While the Wyfe's Away....

The Wyfe Shall Play?

Apparently, a "professional convention" involves going to seminars, two or three parties, then going out to dinner at ten o'clock at night! Go Goodely, Go!

Here is my Rockstar Wyfe, earning a $100 bet by dancing on the go-go platform. Ladies and Gentlemen, fold up those dollar bills!

Look at her go!