Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get your taxes done early!

We met with the man that will be delivering the Baby Giggles. He seemed very nice, had kind but firm hands, and a bit of a oafish good tempered air about him. In fact, he reminded me very much of "PC" from the recent and I have to assume very successful Apple ads. We talked at length about what the delivery was going to look like, from a logistical point of view, and scheduled a date for it.

All things being equal, we will have a baby on April 16, 2007.

This makes Giggles an Aries, and on that subject I have no comment. Perhaps some of my more Astrologically minded brethren can tell me what that means, but with any luck, it means (s)he will be super organized and good at keeping our household finances in order. If not, perhaps it means that (s)he will be a frizzy haired feral creature running with the dogs in the backyard. Perhaps the little tyke will fall somewhere in between.

So the fantasies and daydreams are coming fast and furious at the same time as I am frantically clearing out the chaff from the wheat of the Clutterhut and getting the nursery all set up. I drew some lovely sketches on the tablecloth at the Macaroni Grill the other day, and I hope to be able to make these sketches into reality. I will promise you no pictures, as I seldom deliver.

January is turning into a great Purging Month, and I am in the final throws of, well, throwing things away. As I am desperately trying to get things out to the curb, all new things are coming in...our friends have been doing a wonderful job in giving us many of the things we will need moving forward, but my goodness, does there seem to be a lot of it! Chairs, beds, playstools, bottles, bibs, rumtugglers, bamdoozles, hipluggners and gamduzzlers! I do not believe it will all fit in the nursery, and alternate storage and staging areas will have to be devised. Sometimes it feels like we are just swapping clutter at this point in preparing for the transition to parenthood in some kind of poorly executed shell game.

Interesting notion to follow: I try to be comical when I say that the engagement is the best "man training" period in a couples' relationship, as the habit is formed over months of time (in the case of the goodely and I, years) of the woman making all sorts of decisions, and the man (again, typically) just nodding and smiling with noncomittal grunts. It sets up a lovely pattern of the woman running the show for the marriage, wouldn't you think? Similarly, the idea that I am physically throwing away a lot of my stuff, and packing up many of my toys and games for the attic and even giving away most of my comic book collection to make way for a new workbench and a metric tonne of baby stuff is good prep and training for this adulthood? Is this when it happens? Perhaps the notion has seeped into my (sub)consciousness that there will be a whole human being totally dependent on me for its life and well being. It is scary, but also amazingly empowering, even more so than creating Sims or new characters in World of Warcraft.

So will the Clutterhut finally become the phycial embodiment of how I would like to be perceived? Is the Clutterhut already an exact reflection of who I am? I don't think it is, or I would resonate more with it, and not feel anxious and unsettled there as I do now. What I do know is that now with the imminent arrival of the Womb Rider, I am working hard to transform Clutter the Hutt into something closer to where I imagine raising a child would look like.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I saved my best girl for last.

My parents are coming to visit again!

Normally this would fill me with delight, but this time I face their visit with some reservations and trepidation. They are coming a few days early, and the reason for this is "something my father wants to do", and he isn't telling anyone. Perhaps you can see why I might be concerned.

I am trying my best to take a page out of a good (and very attractive) friend's playbook and say "Can't you just be happy, now?", as in, whatever happens will happen, why worry about it, when you can just be happy, right here, and right now. She is a good friend, and sometimes her sagacity surprises me.

So, I sit at my desk, and count my blessings.

1. Nesting: I always wondered when I would start caring, really caring, about our home environment. Apparently the imminent arrival of one Giggles is exactly the catalyst I was waiting for. I actually cancelled a gaming appointment to stay home and purge old clothes, junk and trash from the Clutterhut to make way for not only a new workbench (hopefully more on that in a future post) but also to get the nursery all prepared.

2. Internets "not just for porn": Who knew? I joined a few yahoogroups related to Spina Bifida. Needless to say, everyone has been wonderful, and they are from all demographics. I am not sure how immersed in the "culture" of special needs I, Talley or Giggles wants to or needs to be, so the relative anonymity of the Intertubes is a great first step for me. Of course, this cuts into my gaming time and the time I spend chatting up the lovelies from overseas (yes, you!) some more, but seems worth it.

3. iPod! I love this frickin' thing! yeah, yeah, so has everyone that has had one for the last 7 years or whatever, but to them I quote another (very attractive and female) friend and say "Piffle!". When I adopted this technology is of no import. THAT I have adopted is the Good. I SO look forward to going to the gym now, even more than I did before, so I can watch movies on the elliptical or stairmasterix or ramp-o-vater or whatever contraption I have decided to strap myself into on any given weekday. Soon I will be soliciting recommendations for my iTunes list, so watch this space for details.

4. Office Space: "doesnt it feel good to be a gangsta?" Okay, just a little movie reference there, but I have moved my deskspace to a coveted window seat! I am very, very excited about this, and hope it kicks my work initiative up a notch. Hmm...considering I am here at work updating my blog, no such luck thusfar.

In other work news, the Goodely Wyfe gave unto me a few magazine subscriptions for (and I will quote yet ANOTHER pretty "girlfriend" of mine) "Giftmas", Dwell and Cottage Living. I am very glad to have received these trade publications, and how they come at me from both sides of the residential design spectrum, modern and traditional. I haven't made much headway through either of these books, but I am looking to carve time out of my workday to do it.

5. Gaming: I couldn't NOT post a current events entry wthout touching on this subject. Dork hats on, everyone! I am meeting up with my IT guy next Monday evening at midnight for the release of World of Warcraft's (WoW) Burning Crusade expansion, and we are planning on taking a day off from work to play it. I am so excited, I think I just peed a little. I thought the WoW trading card game would be the thing to pull me away from the computer game, but alas, it couldn't do it. I am totally this game's bitch, and we like it that way, thank you very much.

Even though I have a very committed relationship with WoW, I do like to get with friends now and again. To that end (add the special nerd tassle to the Dork Hat, please) we are going to start playing the Star Wars Roleplaying Game this very Sunday. I will be playing an Ithorian EcoPriest Force Adept Medic. This game takes us right back to the d20 system, so there will be some reminiscent elements to this new frontier of gaming for me. That's right, I have never roleplayed Star Wars before! Crazy, huh?

6. Big Fat Pregnant Goodely: I saved the best for last. I love this woman like crazy. She is smart, beautiful, a hard worker and the light of my life. It's a little discouraging that in our day to day, we don't spend a lot of time together, but I think just knowing we are there, cohabitating, silently and not so silently supporting and loving each other, makes all the difference in the world. How lonely and sad my online gaming might be without her to snuggle up with when it was all said and done. Heck, I think ALL of the above blessings would be at 50% stauration (Photoshop, ftw) without the presence of this wonderful woman in my lyfe.

So there....blessings counted, work not done, lunchtime imminent. So much for Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My 15 Minutes of Internet Fame..

Hello Folkses, and Happy New Year!

It would seem that your humble correspondent has been "published" to the Intertubes. You can find my recent article at Sequential Tart. If you have the time, please review the rest of the website's content, as it is jam packed full of...well, tasty jam.

It was oddly difficult to get over the idea that i would be writing for someone else, and for editorial review and "publication". Hmm...I would like to stop using the finger quotes and just write published and publication. Is that okay? perhaps it would be best to use iPublished or ePublished. Once i got started, and with the encouragement of some lovely women, off i went to come up with some one thousand words or so. The topic, of course, is one that is near and dear to my heart, which made it easier.

So go and take a look, then hang out and learn a little more about the world of comic books. Its a good way to start 2007, methinks.