Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You would think they would have a better word than "Shunt"

But, there you go.

Millie dear has an operation scheduled for Monday, the 4th of June. Its brain surgery, but a mild, routine form of brain surgery. Yes, that makes it sound like a mild routine form of fighter jet combat, but yes, apparently this little operation (and everything that is little is cute, right?) will keep Millie in the hospital for an overnight, then we take her home on Tuesday.

Before anyone goes all freaking out on us, please, just relax. We have known about this for a little while, but I take it as a fabulous sign that I would rather post about MDWy2k7 than about Spina Bifida stuff.

But, into every garden of Millie, a little Spina Bifida rain must fall. I went through some websites for you , looking at shunts and hydrocephalus and such, and finally found one that wasn't all doom and gloom, prophecizing infections, complications and trouble at every turn. Can you believe I had to travel all the way to Australia to find a decent, "happy" pro-positive outcome website?

While you read up, here is another picture of Millie...Millie O Millie....

For those non-reading types (myself at the head of that backwards class) basically they are going to put a relief valve in Millie's head with a drainage tube down to her abdomen. Its really important, so in it goes. That's pretty much that. She will have it in there all her life, and she will probably end up "owning" it, if I know us at all, so it will be okay to ask her about it, and even stare a little. Considering the head of unruly moppet hair that she has now, you best come over and stare now, or it will be lost to curls and pink ribbons soon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MDWy2k7.....Dippity Doo!

Alright, I will just assume you all bought the CD, or were having a silent chuckle at me being the last one on my block to buy it. Fine!

We went to the New Jersey Shore for Memorial Day Weekend 2007. You may recall from previous posts that the family decided to not have Memorial Day Weekend at my parent's house as the biggest to do in the history of familydom. Well, Losing one Millie (Grandma Millie Torre) and gaining our new Millie (Millie Isabella Lach) kind of set the scales to imbalance towards doing it one more time.

Well, let me tell you, it was amazing. I have the material for SO many posts now...but the first and foremost has to be about Millie Isabella.

I knew the family was pulling for us to have a baby for a very long time, but I had no idea how important this particular baby would be to some of my family. The Goodely and I were looking for a good traditional name for the baby, and when Grandma passed away, it seemed like common sense that we would name her Millie. We joked about getting brownie points with the family here and there, but just tongue and cheek stuff. Its a kick butt baby name, and a touching tribute as well.

Well...the family went crazy for Millie. There were some tears, but mostly laughter and holding, cooing and canoodling, cajoling and cannoli. More than one person commented that bringing THIS Millie to the family was a big help in letting the other one go. When I told another person that every time I thought of someone calling OUR Millie "Grandma Millie", well, the floodgates opened.

No trip to my parents house would be compleat without at least seeing the beach (right, Cousin Mike?) or dipping our toes. Dipping ALL the family toes, that is.

Here are the pictures, good friends one and all!

Cousin Mike..never did see the beach, but we certainly pounded on some bar doors to open them up bright and early!

Lots of pictures of me and the baby, it is MY blog, after all!

I think I look pretty good....snoogans.

Alright, I will shut up now...THESE two look amazing! For those playing at home, this might be the first clear picture of the Goodely. Gentlemen, eat your hearts out! Squee!

The big dip...yes, the water was cold, but one of the big upsides to SPina Bifida? She probably can't feel her feet...nooch.
A few of the Grandparents....

Now, there is a man that LOVES it when you call him...Big Poppa! The Notorious B.O.B.!

I am the only jerk in America that can make a beautiful picture of Gramma and her Granddaughter all about ME.....but that baby LOooOOooooooooves me!!!
I hope this holds you over for a bit. Coming back from vacation on a short week has me stressed and flailing about like a twitchy kid hopped up on pixie sticks playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" on Ritalin Day! Hopefully I can get some more posts the "13 year old" comment....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hammered Dulcimer? I nearly killed her!

Do yourselves a frickin' favour already, and buy this Compact Disc!

You can take a look at the artist, her calendar and other musical offerings at her homepage , but for the love of Bob, buy her CD!

Darcy is rapidly becoming a good friend of mine, and it is odd to me that she became friend first in my mind, and crazy talented musician second. I have seen her perform at the Maryland Renaissance Festival of course, but either I have been too silly, too costumed or too tipsy and distracted by all the shiny items and pretty colours to appreciate how scary talented my new friend is.

I feel I am ill qualified to give an informed review of the CD, but I really like it, and some of the songs make me weep openly every time I hear them.

Alright,'s the more baby pictures until you buy the CD! I mean it. It was nominated for a Grammy for the Sake of Peter!

You go buy now!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy One Month Old!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Nothing to see here...

Just some random postings. Everything is getting to some semblance of normalcy here. I am sure the Goodely Wyfe would disagree with me, but then again, it is her that is getting savaged by Millie the Nipple Ravager every "coupla too tree" hours and not me. The wee little bugger latched on to yours truly during some tummy time, and let me tell you, it was not pleasant!

She is a dear. We were to go down to Children's Hospital for our first Spina Bifida clinic last week, but wouldn't you know it? The frickin' Queen of England was there! That's right...because the lead figurehead from some sovereign nation whose heiny we kicked (and are so proud of, sheesh, what are they, the size of New York?) a few hundred years ago comes to town, my little girl doesn't get medical attention? Apparently, to my sleep addled mind, that is exactly what transpired.

Well, not exactly..compounding any "Imperial Entanglements" was a simple error on behalf of this "technological terror we've created", the fact that our appointments, which were set up by some of the most advanced medical minds in our country, were not even in the computer. Yes, I KNOW, without the computer, I would not be able to share half naked pictures of myself, talk about my wang, my life, and my Wyfe with all of you, but at the same time, it appears that even the most simple tasks are now more complicated than ever due to our computational overlords.

Oh yes, I could shuck the whole deal. Goodness...did I just throw a gauntlet down in front of myself? Am I man enough to enact a "no personal computing vacation"? I don't know...for how long? A week? Two weeks? A month? It seems crazy. Actually, it seems really crazy. Impossible and "inconceivable" (and I DO know what that word means, thank you, Giant!). There are folk in this universe that only get to experience me through this medium, folks that I have met, carried on with , fallen in and out of love with, all without even seeing each other, well, except for the above mentioned blog pics, etc. Denying myself the simple pleasure of worldwide narcissism is an anathema to me. I am just needy enough to want to stay connected, and you are apparently just needy enough to have me.

Thanks for that, by the way, and keep checking in. More on Millie the Mangler when we return!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I think you are all going to have to call or drop by....

Because all I do now is hold the baby...and can think of no better way to spend my time, than with Millie in my arms.

I love this child. I am listening to a friend's CD, where she sings and plays her hammered dulcimer, and crying while I type. This little girl that the Goodely and I have created is so wonderful and precious to me. I wish you all could be here now...mostly to hold me.

I just want to be good enough. Goddess, Lord, whoever is out there....well, according to my spiritual practice, its YOU, my family, my friends, and the complete strangers that I meet along the way that I pray to and hold holy. Please then, please help me to be the person I want to be for this child....for myself, for my Wyfe, and for you. I think I have it in me....I hope I do.