Monday, July 30, 2007

For the baby that has everything.

There is a lot going on in my life right now, but apparently, blogging is not one of them. Until I get caught up, here are a few pictures of Miss Millie, wearing some fool's chain that she snatched at the rap show.

foh shizzle, Miss Millizzle.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Three Months Old!


Millie Isabella turns three months old today. She is doing quite well, she can find her toes, and is turning into quite a chatterbox.

Health wise, the shunt seems to be working just fine, and the physical therapist has us doing some more focused stretching exercises to torque her feet into the correct position (they are rotated kinda "up and in", if that makes any sense) and to get her head straightened out (she kinda favours the side with the shunt now). I have to say, i am very glad for the help we are getting. A lot of this stuff I never would have picked up on without someone helping out.

Millie is definitely going to be a very popular girl, as everyone we know seems to be having boys right now. Certainly her family is off limits, but the boy next door, the two boys next to next store and even the "King of the Universe" that I met this Friday will certainly be trying to make this little darling his Queen. Ha, now that I think of it, with all these boys around, she will most likely go gay. That will show them all!

Hetero or not, she stands to be quite the heart breaker. After all, she already has Mommy and Daddy wrapped up tight. Then again, maybe not SO tight, as to celebrate her three month birthday this weekend, we left her! Yep, Parents of the Year left her with a total (but professional) stranger to have dinner, drinks and a little of that Harry Potter movie. It was wonderful to date the Goodely again. I hope we can do some more of that, and soon.

I cannot post pictures for some reason, so I will try again later. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Paris Hilton Gay Porn

Please don't pay much attention to the title, I am just trying to get more traffic to the RobbyBlog! ;) I am not saying those are MY most frequently entered search keywords, but I am led to understand they are fairly popular.

I am having a lovely little life over here. So many small factors all rolling down the snowy hill of bliss leading to an immense avalanche of glorious joy. Starting with my Millie, ending with my Millie.

As I said, I am back in the gym. The discipline of getting up early and the resulting endorphin release sets me up to be in fine fettle for the rest of the day. I actually came in here singing "What the World Needs Now". How many people can say that about their work experience.

Speaking of my work experience, I am becoming more and more "into" being an architect. Don't tell the bosses, but I have really been dialing it in for the last few to six months. My dialing is better than average, don't get me wrong, but recently I have been much more desirous of doing good work and realizing how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to design buildings, and what a groovy job that is. I can see again why the parents of the few girls what were kind enough to take me home to meet them were impressed when I told them what I was studying in school. " architect...very nice...please, feel free to savage ".

After work, of course, was home. The Goodley's Father, Millie's PopPop was over again, as he is every week, being a remarkable help around the house. Because I can be kind of a jerk, I initially resented the idea that he was there, taking it as a slight that I needed help, and that I couldn't take care of my own household and family. You know what? It isn't always about me, oddly enough. The Goodely's dad is very handy, very helpful, and is possessed of an almost maniacal amount of energy that you don't see in men half his age...though is dwarfed by the size of his heart. I would be a fool, a knave and a boor to deny him the opportunity to spend time with a few generations of women in his family in the grandest notion, and to mow my lawn in the most trivial.

Well, I made a lovely dinner for us, and we sat around and chatted. We had the FIOS television installed yesterday, so for the first time we have "cable" television is a dozen years or so. I watched a lovely documentary on the Chrysler Building on the History Channel, then we watched the Wedding Singer. Anywho, we chatted about the install, the number of channels, and I even talked about my day at work. Hmm...maybe it is all about me anyway.

Oh no, I suppose its not, because it is all about Millie. She is amazing, simply amazing, even when she is wearing the cranky fusspants that she had on last night. I could go on, but it would jut be a list of superlatives that would read like a thesaurus entry for "sublime". Lets just say she's great.

I cuddled up with the Goodely last night, and we made "the spoons" for a little while before my somnolent twitchings made it impossible for her to go to sleep. I prefer to think of it as cute....if you were married to me for nine years, you might have had about enough of it.

So there was a bit of my ordinary day. I suppose for the sake of truth in advertising, I must provide not only this picture:

But this link to the "gay porn", the July 12th entry, which is actually an NYPD rated "R" picture of yours truly :)'s all about me!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back from Vacation!

Well, we are back from our fourth of July week and weekend adventure. Okay, so only the ladies went away for the week, and Papa Bear Lach stayed at home to keep the appropriately named fires burning.

It was very difficult being without my girls, and I thank all those that took turns playing the home version of "Someone Babysit My Husband." I didn't realize it until just this evening after my ladies were here to stay that I really didn't like being here without them, and LOVE being here with them. Perhaps I am the sweetest man in the world, perhaps I am trying to rationalize my going out every night that they were away. I leave the judging to all of those what hath ne'er committed a sin and all that.

In other news, I am back in the gym, full time. I go every day now, awaking at 5am to do my workout. I am happy to say that even though I got a bit softer during the months between Millie's birth and now, I am still dancing about in the 160s, poundswise, which tells me all that Weight Watcher malarky about it being a way of life and not a diet is pretty spot on. I don't think I will be losing any more weight, but I would like to move some of it back up from my waist to my chest and shoulders. So far, so good, and we can put the abdominal muscle visibiity level back to "slightly" after dropping to "barely" and even "rumored" in the last few months.

We have lots of photos coming from The Goodely and the Millie (she needs a nickname, eh?) soon. I will say that to our credit, we are doing a good job of sending our photos off to the ye olde print shoppe right away. I refuse to not have pictures of my Wyfe and Chylde (and of me! yay!) in case of the inevitable hard drive failure. So many people I know have thousands of pictures, but not one actual photograph. Having recently gone through the purging of the Clutterhut (I must be careful with my nicknaming, I can't shake this one) and finding and saving all the old photos we have, I cannot tell you how wonderful and magickal it is to have them. Print, I urge you, print like the wind!

Oh, I also took my cell phone for a swim in the ocean...more on that (moron, not by coincidence...snoogans) after these messages...

Oh, and the fourth was our ninth wedding anniversary...more to do with that story...again, after a few local announcements, and your weather on the nines...