Wednesday, April 16, 2008

525,600 Minutes?

"How do we measure, a year in a life?"

Millie is one year old today. The Goodely and I lay in bed last night, canoodling and reminiscing about where we were this time last year. Big Fat Pregnant Goodely and I anxiously awaiting the rise of the sun, heading down to the hospital with friends and family, going to get our little bundle of joy.

Hopes for the future rose above fears for all the necessary medical procedures as we welcomed Millie Isabella into the world.

This first birthday in a way marks the end of many "firsts" that Millie will have...first Christmas, first Summer, first New Year's, etc. With that in mind, there are SO many milestones to reach, so many firsts, that we are looking forward to each new day and the wonders that are brought on the braced heels of this little joy harbinger.

First time in the back pack, walking down the path by our house. I half expected Millie to begin instructing me on the ways of the Force, warning me about the dangers of the Dark Side whilst we strolled and levitated rocks. I would like to think that had Luke had Millie to pat his neck and coo and burble behind him in lieu of a short green 900 year old jedi master, he might not have entered the cave of the Dark Side and had his little mental breakdown, finishing his training and not screwing everything up for everyone.

But I digress...

Happy Birthday, Millie!!