Friday, May 09, 2008

Chow Maine Lach 1994 ~ 2008

Fourteen years ago I was working for a small architecture firm in Forked River, New Jersey. Our boss at the time wanted to get a new cat, and we thought it would be a good idea to get an office cat as well. Although my boss was allergic to cats, he loved them dearly, and knew that the Maine Coon cat is reportedly hypo-allergenic, and thus safe for him to handle and love. Off to the crazy cat lady to select our destiny.

She brought out a box of lily white precious kittens, about ten of them, each one cuter than the next...all preening, mewling, and looking all wide eyed with wonder at the world they were in. Perfect little kitties, everyone.

Except this runt of the litter, a ridiculous cross of Maine Coon cat and Wild Asian Leopard cat, rolling over on his back, swiping his claws at anything within his reach, and licking his own massive privates.

"This is MY cat", I exclaimed, pointing my finger at this half-blind tufted feline mess, who promptly bit me, drawing first blood. Thus was our relationship formed.

Small enough to fit in my Wyfe's outstretched hand while we made love to keep him from clawing up my backside, he would sit atop my draughting table, swatting at my pencil as I drew the homes that made up my livelihood. Eventually he came home with us, graduating from the office and the "all the donuts he could eat" policy that led him to swell up like the time lapse photo montage of Orson Welles. I will always love him as the aloof, surly and grumpy old man presence he was in our lives.

I am confident that he, in his own way he loved us as could tell by the way he would stare at the wall opposite you and scream. Good bye, Chow Maine. You will be missed.


Suzie said...

I feel privileged and honored to have spent one of the last weeks firmly ensconced in the Chow Lair. He was as oddly charming as ever, rolling in a plastic bag, meowlering uncommonly loud, and sleeping on the bed only when I wasn't in it. Goodnight Old Man, sweet dreams.

Kathleen said...

awwwww....sweet kitty-man. he will be missed!
hugs to you is hard to lose a member of the family.


Felinea said...

Losing a kitty family member is hard. I share in your grief. My kitty Questor Bubby decided to re-join the universe on May 3rd. Questor Bubby and Chow Maine are probably conspiring mischief together right now!