Friday, May 30, 2008

Whoo hoo!

Well, I am in fine fettle this morning, as opposed to yesterday, where a combo platter of dental work and head shrinking therapy left me with a continental rift sized headache.

I struggled through yesterday, and called it quitsies at 8pm, right after Herself went down for nighty nights. It was still light out, which I found peaceful, and incredibly decadent. Well, I WOULD have found it thus, but Morpheus' shroud descended on me quickly, and I was out before the sun fully set.

I awoke early, did the toilette, then headed off to work....on my bicycle! I do not know why I put it off for so long, put the ride in was wonderful, easy and a full six miles. Suck on THAT, exercise plan! I decided not to check any clocks or anything, and just take my time, ease into the office, and start my day.

Well, after a stop off at the diner, of course! The Tastee Diner in Bethesda, to be specifical. My "usual" breakfast comes to me without more than my cheery greeting of "Hello", and knowing glances from the delightful waitperson Beth to the incredible culinary maestro that is Mario. Almost before I get settled in, my "two eggs over easy, home fries well done, side of bacon and rye toast with butter" is winging its delicious way to my palette. Take THAT, diet plan!

So all of this wonderful morning ritual, easy going and sublime, results in my being well rested, exercised, highly caffeineited and the office at my desk by 8 a.m.! Wow! Im amazed at myself, and even moreso at how pleasantly the universe works out if you just take it easy and let it. No getting in the way, no rushing around, no stressing over time and voila, time just worked itself out.

Of course, Im blogging instead of working, so I best get back to it!


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Suzie said...

The perfect morning! Jealous!