Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Like too little butter spread over too much bread.." B.B.

"Stand up for Cancer"

That is the new slogan that I hear all the time now. I see wonderful celebrities, sports stars and musical talents on the big screen, hear them on my XM Radio and they pop up on my Interwebs, all touting the benefits of an as-of-yet undisclosed movement, telethon, mass publick protest, I don't know...all for the benefits of, awareness of, and hopeful eradication of cancer...a terrible disease affecting, well, pretty much everyone.

My mom has a form of cancer, my cousin had a scare with the big casino, and my girlfriend recently lost her cousin to a lifelong battle with cancer. He went very, very bravely into that good night, and leaves a heroic legacy. I have to assume that standing up for cancer is a good cause.

But so is Greenpeace, who we give money to every month, so is Amnesty International, "We", "One", Smile Train, Habitat for Humantity, Sierra Club, WWF, AIDS quilt, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention Spina Bifida research! How many charities are there? 1,000? 1,000,000?

I was watching a rerun of Angel (genius, and Boreanz (sp?) goodness!) where Cordelia suffers the knowledge of ALL the souls in trouble all at once, instead of just the one immediate vision she normally gets in that show. The resulting vision headache was paralysizing, and she nearly died as a result.

Now, I am not the conduit for The Powers That Be, but I am a well to do middle class fella that wants to do some good in the world, as I feel a certain amount of responsibility for the planet and those what are in it. What is the best course of action for outreach and charitable giving? Is a small contribution to a lot of charities the right thing to do? Maybe make one of them my "cause", and put all my charity eggs in one basket? Give money to one, and time to another? its all a little overwhelming. Five dollars to a hundred charities? Five hundred dollars to one charity?

I need some time to churn this around in my mind, and then i'll get back to you. I think you can all expect some charitable donations for holiday gifts and birthday presents from now on...I hope you don't mind, but we all kind of have enough "stuff" at this point anyway, don't we? At least until I start making stuff. Homemade gifts are SO wonderful, but then again, so is that feeling of smug self satisfaction that can come with charity.


Meretricious said...

It's hard to imagine any of them being bad choices. I kind of decided at some point that my money could go farthest in another country where the dollar is worth more, so I went with the starving-foreigners route (

I'm sure I could give way more though and live with many fewer toys. It's all a bit overwhelming. ;)

Alicia said...

Heifer International for Christmas gifts. Give some indigenous person a duck or a whole flock of geese. It beats naming a star after your loved one.